An Ode to mothers

By Rachel Henderson

Let’s celebrate motherhood. Celebrate how Mother Nature has moulded all women into figures that follow in her footsteps on a path paved by strength, resilience, patience, forgiveness, compassion and selflessness. Let’s celebrate sisters and mothers who have taught us that courage and willpower are strong forces to be reckoned with.

Let today not only be about the successful business woman, the female president or the great actress. No, let today also be about the everyday women. The mothers who read, learn, teach, paint, cook, plan, work and believe. The women who make mistakes, fail, fall down, but then correct their mistakes, win back what they lost and get back on their feet just to stand taller than before.

This is to the mothers that should be rewarded well for being for being cooks and teachers and nurses. For being a 24 hour taxi service and the best hotel you will ever live in.

Let’s send our best to the mums who are simultaneously the sunshine, the umbrella, the raindrop, the storm, the wind, the warmth, the blanket on a cold wintry night. This is for the mums that told you to eat pretzels and drink cola when you were ill. For the mums that make your packed lunch, take you to football, plan outings and surprise birthday parties.

To the mothers that smile because you’re happy. To the mothers that cry because you’re sad. To the mothers that can make you feel so happy and safe with just a little hug. Dear mothers, we thank you for the laughter, the tears, the smiles, the memories.

When we mess up, thank you for making us feel better with a blast from your past, where you tell us how badly you messed up too. Thank you for keeping your own drunk stories a secret, whilst silently condemning us for being alcoholics.

Thank you for telling all your friends about our most embarrassing affairs, how we are doing at school, what we do after school, what we hope to become. Thank you for bragging about us when we least deserved it. And thank you for supporting us in decisions you know deep down could fail regardless of our passion. Thank you for pushing us further than we push ourselves. Thank you for daring us to step up, take charge and direct our own lives. Thank you for being selfless and generous. Thank you for the last biscuit and the first mug of hot cocoa. You are loved for your generosity. You live, breathe and own it.

Before you, we were nothing; part-sperm, part-egg, tightly bound together by a mother and father’s fierce love. Now look at us. Freed from the safety of your womb, you gave us the strength and passion to perhaps, one day, become matriarchs ourselves.


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