Google Doodles for Female Pioneers

The origin of International Women’s Day dates back to the early 1900s when females of New York joined forces alongside the Socialist Party of America’s demonstrations to push for the right to vote, improved working conditions and better pay.

This year, Google are channelling all things girl power and celebrating the global occasion through a new Google Doodle that depicts 13 of history’s most prominent women.

Encapsulating their stories in a slideshow, the Doodle opens with a grandmother sharing a progressive bedtime story with her granddaughter. The tale of Ida B. Wells, US activist and journalist, commences the chronicle of the 13 female pioneers who are from varied countries, time periods and areas of expertise.

The illustrations feature women who are not necessarily household names but who have all relentlessly battled for gender equality throughout their lives. All 13 have previously featured as individual Google Doodles, however today they amalgamate to place emphasis on the progress that has been made over the past century.

View the official slideshow here.


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