Nasty Women use Art to Trump Gender Inequality

The international art movement, Nasty Women, has arrived in the Dutch capital this week, in coinciding celebration of International Women’s Day.

After the triumph of the original sell out of the Nasty Women New York Exhibition earlier this year, Nasty Women Amsterdam is showcasing a total of 240 artworks from 184 inspiring artists of all ages, races, sexual orientations and religions.

Luc Fierons. Picture: Nasty Women Amsterdam

The sister show serves to express unity among those who identify as being a Nasty Woman, a movement established in the face of adversity following the inauguration of Donald Trump. A rising 45 Nasty Women Art displays have been organised around the globe in response to Trump’s mumbled account of opponent Hilary Clinton as a “nasty woman”. The insult has since become a harmonious cry for women’s rights activists.

This Amsterdam display comes ahead of the Netherlands parliamentary elections, where their far-right candidate, Geert Wilders, is close to claiming victory. Protesters are seeing the exhibition as a powerful backlash to the misogynistic and racist messaging of campaigns that have been apparent in recent political debates.

Nasty Trump, Edith Meijering. Picture: Nasty Women Amsterdam

The week’s showcase is packed full of powerful and potent artwork, with pieces comprising of paintings, objects, sculptures, film, photography, music and performances

. All of the representations on display are up for sale, ranging from just €1 to €200. Sales are being donated to relatable charities in hope of raising awareness and funding for vital issues still effecting women’s rights in society.

She Decides, a recently established charity providing girls in developing countries with abortion/family planning aid, is to receive important backing after support was recently put on hold by Donald Trump. Women on Waves is also in the funding line-up, a charity that aims to provide abortion procedures for women worldwide, along with COC Amsterdam, which supports LGBTQ rights throughout the city.

The Joker, Trudy Giordano. Picture: Nasty Women Amsterdam

The growing movement, aiming to and notably successful in achieving rapid worldwide support, is now planning shows in Cambridge, Chiang Mai and Lisbon.

The exhibition is running from the 4th to 12th March 2017.


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