Not a One Trick Peony

Illustrator Peony Gent is an artist that captures something real and honest in her work, holding on to charm and vivacity that makes her drawings special. A student of Edinburgh College of Art and one of it’s nice that’s graduates of 2016, Gent uses a range of media to express her skewed drawing style, using ceramics, risograph and graphite to craft her unique drawing style. Her observational work shows us the other side of mundane subjects, something so familiar but you can’t put your finger on it. Her drawings echo the surrealism of real life in a quirky cartoon style that feels dark, while maintaining a whimsical element.

Gent has done some illustrations for GRENADE MAGAZINE that are both moving and descriptive of what the magazine is about. These drawings, show in a unpretentious style the underlying beauty that lies within each woman, modest lines that paint a bigger picture. Her look has evolved from free-form doodling into single frame comics that makes you feel something, like each drawing tells a story. The potato shaped people she draws all have weird, comical bodies, but their little unusual faces show us something else, a look into another domain.

Her writing style is a fantastic scrawl that is jagged yet legible, reminding us closely of Drake’s emotional pen to paper “If you’re reading this, it’s too late”. Peony Gent is one of the most exciting artists working in Scotland today, a person with a distinctive voice and the natural capacity to create comics and drawings that embrace the minimal, telling stories with little mutters and scribbles that make you feel warm.



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