The Influential Vloggers that Defy Standard Body Image Views

There are many topical issues regarding sex and all the things that fall into that category. It is a topic approached by only some journalists and writers, and still there are so many taboos surrounding the topic of sex.

You find that many articles that are written are often listicles, lists of “why you should love your vagina” or “the most common sexually transmitted diseases”. Never really an informative or funny article that goes into the ins and outs of these things.

Over the last two-to-three years bloggers and vloggers have taken over the world of YouTube.

For the female population, sex and sexual health is really important. You start to wonder about this pill you are taking or the little rod that got put in your arm. In primary and secondary school in Scotland you receive a little expose into sex and sexual health but nothing major.

Not everyone has the confidence to speak to their friends and many have started to seek advice from the world of blogs and vlogs.

I can relate to this when I wanted to come off my pill I didn’t at the time really know much about other options or what side effects they had. That’s when I found a couple of vloggers who approached these issues and I suddenly felt like I wasn’t the only 20-year-old a bit confused and needing some guidance.

Sex and beauty together come as one package. The branded magazines are sadly known for their sexual images to be of beautiful girls and guys who barely have an inch of fat on them. For those of us who do have some curves and inches on us it is really easy for those images to bring you down.

People often mock plus size people and the thought of their sex life. For some unknown reason a plus size girl is not as sexy or as attractive as a skinnier girl. You only need to look at models like Ashley Graham and Amber Rose to see that it is 100% not true. Amber Rose is an inspiration for many women; a feminist at heart who embraces her body and oozes sex appeal.

Grace Victory is a inspirational blogger and vlogger who openly discusses all ranges of topics. Mental health, body image, confidence and sex. She has had over 23 million people watch her YouTube channel and has been nicknamed “The internet’s big sister”.

Grace to date is one of the only mainstream lifestyle and beauty vloggers to talk about mental health. She discusses eating disorders, anxiety and depression as well as tackling the ongoing plus size debacle. Grace may be funny but her videos are serious and well-informed which make them really good to listen to for those who are struggling with such issues.

Another vlogger who is great for sex advice is Hannah Witton. Hannah’s videos are usually casual and always funny. She is currently recording a series called “The Hormone Diaries” where she has come off the pill to experience the natural period and is documenting all the things that come with that.

Hannah is releasing a book on April 6 called ‘Doing It’ which covers all things sex and relationships related.

Dove beauty company have had several campaigns over the last few years to encourage women to love their bodies.

Their most recent research found that:

  • 72% of girls feel tremendous pressure to be beautiful
  •  4% of women around the world consider themselves as ‘beautiful’.

Their most recent campaign is ‘The Dove Real Beauty Pledge’ along with the ‘Dove Self Esteem Project’.

The issues surrounding body image, self-esteem and body confidence are as important as ever and YouTube and the internet has given people a platform to raise awareness of issues that are typically pushed to side and kept quiet. It gives girls who need someone to speak to or something to listen to for reassurance exactly that.

I hope that girls like Grace and Hannah continue to do what they are doing and encourage women to love their bodies and embrace their sexuality no matter their size or how they look.


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