Women’s Power: Argentina shook by strike on #IWD2017

“This March 8th, the earth will shake” say women from the Argentinian organisation Ni Una Menos (Not One Less) calling for all women across the world to strike on International Women’s Day.

Ni Una Menos is the organisastion behind Black Wednesday – the strike which took place in October last year to protest violence against women. An estimated 100,000 people took to the streets in Argentina after a 16-year-old girl named Lucia Perez Montero was abducted, raped, and impaled by a gang. After being plied with drugs and assaulted, her three rapists washed her, dressed her, and brought her to a drug rehabilitation center (while still alive). The center treated the case as a drug overdose until they discovered Perez Montero’s sexual trauma. She died the next day, on October 8th.

Women protesting against violeting their rights Credits: wikipedia
Women protesting against violating their rights Credits: wikipedia

Today they strike to protest wages gap. Argentinian women make on average less money than men with the gender wage gap being 27 per cent, a phenomenon  they call economic violence. They are also protesting to demand improved abortion laws so that no girl is forced to become a mother.

Their rally cry of “Solidarity is our weapon” is heard around the world as women from over 50 countries including Argentina, Brazil, Thailand, Poland and the USA strike to mark International Women’s Day. They are protesting against many different issues: from demanding the right to choose whether to get an abortion, to work equality, to stopping violence against women. Solidarity is the thing that women around the world need now and what makes them strong and bold enough to fight for what should be given to them.


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