Learning Curve

Scotland is feeling the pressure to make Sexual Education in schools’ compulsory following England’s example aiming to tackle the taboo of sex in society There is still a stigma attached to sex in society, especially when relating to women. However, is the taboo involved with sex resulting in hesitancy to teach sexual education? Society is… Read More Learning Curve

Free Love

Despite marriage rates falling drastically within the last thirty years, monogamous relationships remain the norm in modern society. However, a new wave of sexually progressive individuals are choosing to reject the societal norms and instead opt for a more… liberal way of thinking. Open relationships used to be something reserved for only the most permissive… Read More Free Love

The Influential Vloggers that Defy Standard Body Image Views

There are many topical issues regarding sex and all the things that fall into that category. It is a topic approached by only some journalists and writers, and still there are so many taboos surrounding the topic of sex. You find that many articles that are written are often listicles, lists of “why you should… Read More The Influential Vloggers that Defy Standard Body Image Views

Sexual Trauma and the Challenges Facing Women

Different things can be empowering for different women. Although there is one issue that has undoubtedly developed throughout the years that women have found more freedom in. Sex. Women have developed a confidence in not only having sex but talking about sex too. International Women’s Day is a time to celebrate the achievements of females,… Read More Sexual Trauma and the Challenges Facing Women